Notes of Grace Via de Cristo

About Notes of Grace: Our History
In May 2005 a group of people from central Tennessee met to discuss forming a local Via de Cristo secretariat. A constitution was developed, by-laws were adopted from the Tennessee Via de Cristo secretariat, and an attorney was hired to help this new Via de Cristo secretariat become a non-profit organization. The official name became "Notes of Grace Via de Cristo of Middle Tennessee, Inc." The Tennessee Via de Cristo group aided greatly in the beginning efforts of the Notes of Grace movement.

In July 2005 Notes of Grace became part of the National Lutheran Via de Cristo Secretariat. The first Ultreya was held at the Faith Lutheran Church in Lebanon, Tennessee, in September 2005. Don Skinner of Christ Lutheran Church, Fairfield Glade, Tennessee, was chosen as the first Notes of Grace Rector and plans were set in motion for the Notes of Grace Via de Cristo Mixed Weekend #1 to take place at the Hillmont Camp in White Bluff, Tennessee, March 23-26, 2006. Sixteen pilgrims were in attendance.

Since its inception, Notes of Grace has continued to have two mixed weekends a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, serving Huntsville, Alabama, Nashville, Tennessee, and Memphis, Tennessee, metropolitan areas. Ultreyas follow each weekend. The Annual Business Meeting takes place each January. All meeting locations, including training sessions, are rotated among participating churches. And the secretariat has sponsored a Notes of Grace family picnic the last two summers.

Notes of Grace Via de Cristo Mixed Weekends #2 through #4 were held at the Linden Valley Conference Center in Linden, Tennessee. Beginning with Notes of Grace Via de Cristo Mixed Weekend #5, weekend activities have taken place at the Lake Benson Camp and Retreat Center in Bon Aqua, Tennessee. As of this date, Notes of Grace Via de Cristo has now completed ten successful weekends. And despite the usual challenges that every Via de Cristo secretariat experiences, plans continue for more Notes of Grace weekends in the future. All glory and honor be to God!

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