Notes of Grace Via de Cristo

Pilgrim Registration Forms

To attend a Via de Cristo (VdC) weekend, you must meet two requirements:

  1. Be Baptized
  2. Be sponsored by someone who has attended a weekend (It doesn't have to be a VdC weekend)

If you need a sponsor, contact a member of the Secretariat here or talk to the Pastor or Minister at one of these churches.

Once you meet these requirements, you need to fill out these four forms, print them out, and give them to your sponsor so they can be submitted to Notes of Grace. The four forms are: Pilgrim Registration, Emergency Medical Information, Emergency Contacts (family members), and Sponsor Registration.

The forms contain fields for you to type in your information if you wish to use the computer or you may print out the forms and write in your information. The MS Word forms are better for filling out and sending the forms electronically. The PDF forms are useful if you print the forms and fill out the paper copy.

 Emergency Contacts   Sponsor Registration 
 PDF Version  Word Version
 PDF Version  Word Version

Combined Registraion Packet: - one download for all forms,
Combined Registraion Packet
PDF file link PDF Version
 Pilgrim Registration   Emergency Medical 
 PDF Version  Word Version
 PDF Version  Word Version
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